Websites up and running!
Websites up and running!
Jul 28, 2020
Welcome to Retail Resources Blog and website. Were just in the process of getting the website fully up and working with some resources. More to be added slowly as we develop more resources and post them on here. Ill also be talking about all things Retail Operations which can be especially important in the current environment. Follow us on here or LinkedIn.
So, after a few weeks of tweaking and playing with various layouts we've finally settled on the website design. We've gone with a pretty straightforward design and something we can expand easily to add lots more resources.
We've started out offering a few of the things that tend to be missing from most retail stores or require someone to set up and implement. We've got a few Staffing Planners to help you and your team's better plan their shifts. We've done some COVID related resources such as checklists for reopening and a risk assessment template. We've also got a tracker to track training of staff in store, whether it be fire training, working at height, asbestos, supplier training or anything else so you can think of simply add it into the tracker with dates completed and it can highlight anyone that's expiring and need re-training.
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All the documents and sheets we create will contain our logo to start with but your welcome to edit them and add your company branding, or if you struggle, we can do it for you. We can even make small tweaks to the files to make things a bit more "you" specific.
Either way all of what we have on here is free, all we ask is that you let your colleagues across retail know these are here to use. And if there's something you need, we don't have let us know. We can try and put something together for you. We have the expertise so it's great to use it to support the sector.
And finally follow us on LinkedIn for updates and new additions to the website or check out this news page on the site for retail specific updates and documents.
So next we're going to put together a template for an emergency management document that can be filled with all your store info to be used in an emergency. You know all the things that when there's a problem you instantly forget like trip switches, isolation valves, emergency contacts, disaster plans, etc.